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Roger Nupie walking along the river waal
In 2022 Hannie Rouweler published her bilingual collection of poems (Dutch/English) Wandeling langs de Waal / Walk along the river Waal, dedicated to Roger Nupie: for Roger Nupie - my literary agent 007 in Antwerp. Poems by Roger were often included in collections compiled and published by Hannie. Both compiled the edition Van binnen uit verlicht and the English version, Illuminated from Within. Roger also wrote an afterword to Hannie’s poetry book Een reis langs rood en wit. Hannie Rouweler translated Vogelvlucht (Roger’s poems inspired by Michael Van Caeneghem’s photos) into English and published the bilingual edition Vogelvlucht / Bird Flight. Hannie's Walk along the river Waal inspired Roger Nupie to write this poem, with the same title.
WALK ALONG THE RIVER WAAL sampled & remixed for Hannie We walk along the river Waal, we, the mermaid and 007. Under a starry sky we talk about our lovers who went away, came back, left again until they no more came back about music, paintings, poetry, our passions, buddhist insights, about how words and notes form a unity when you rediscovered piano playing. After so much was lost all became calm again. We send our words to a space that will always remain clear. This story has no end, for us each season is a new beginning. Always.
Hannie Rouweler bron foto: Orthpraxia’s Blog