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Roger Nupie illuminated from within
Poets & visual artists from The Netherlands & Belgium. Of each of the participants two poems & two images of works of art are included: Guy Commerman, Willie Cools, Marije Kos, Xtine Mässer, Roger Nupie & Hannie Rouweler. Translations: John Irons. Editors: Hannie Rouweler & Roger Nupie. Demer Press, 2011. Original Dutch poem
FREE AT LAST One bright morning I get wings, a crown with stars, a golden harp and sail through the sky on my way to the promised land. I follow the star till I reach the valley where my soul finds rest. Swiftly an end comes to the tribulations of this world. I was blind but now I see. Grace, how sweet your sound that saved a wretch such as I. I am immediately released from all pain. Not everyone that speaks of it shall complete the journey. Hear their voice: Should you reach your destination before me, tell my friends that I am coming. I reach the far side. My soul has slipped away from you. I write my name in blood in the book of life. Good news: No more shall I die. I let the light shine over the world.
Free at last - Roger Nupie