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Roger Nupie global night car
Taking a plane in the evening at first dark and flying Westward around the world it could be, at the right speed, night all the time following the sunsets from one continent to the next continent. Poetry project written by Job Degenaar, Clara Hsu, Annmarie Sauer , Devorah Major, Roger Nupie, Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, Bart Stouten, Fred Schywek & Susan Birkeland: GLOBAL NIGHT CAR, now published in a quadrilingual edition (world internet books, 2012). Nederlandse vertaling traduction Français deutsche Übersetzung ¨
GLOBAL NIGHT CAR See him fly far above all flat lands, fallen angel in pitch-black nights! 24 hours above sands and seas – Alas! Once again no golden border boy to be uncovered, just spinning globe, night semen, broken water: yes, yes, all that again! * Again descended earthwards, age 33, he lets himself be driven, Bentley limousine, through godforsaken cities, Armani suit, Dolce & Gabana sunshades, Cristal champagne uncorked. The lady on the backseat, Marlene Dietrich legs, Mae West bosom, almost. Roger Nupie Translation: Annmarie Sauer