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Roger Nupie there is nothing there
THERE IS NOTHING THERE in six movements, remembering Osho Know: three equals three only for those who live alone.
(1) ARE Are you devoted to putting things in order as a ticket to eternity? Border residents also have borders. Everything comes from the night, there is nothing there.
(3) CHERISH Cherish the past, what we shared. Fingerprints in the sands of our memory. Leave everything you know behind. Nobody has to follow us.
(4) EMPTINESS Emptiness in your hand from which everything springs, where everything flows back to. Emptiness in your hand is everything in your hand.
(5) PUT Put the world on hold. Nothing still moves. You don't miss anything. Everything disappears. There is no end to it.
(2) THROW Throw invitations into the air. They end up, or they don’t. Gueests show up, or not. It is good when things are uncertain.
(6) SONS Sons return to their fathers, grains to the green, seeds to the fire. Everything becomes what it already was: desert people remain desert people.