A world poetry collection. Editor in chief: Agron Shele, deputy editor in chief: (a.o.) Hannie Rouweler. * Roger Nupie’s contribution: ALL-CONSUMING from a series of poems with samples from Bret Easton Ellis’ “The Shards” *** We were young, alive & strong, we looked rugged & masculine & the next moment sensitive & almost boyish. Our odds looked good & nothing could hurt us. We did not want to be torn from the golden dome of adolescence we resided under. *** The weekend, lavish & decadent, spent swimming in the Roman Pool, Beluga Caviar & Dom Pérignon at sunset, a daily schedule based on sex, having no idea what was happening in the real world & who was watching us. *** Sometimes, when I dream about him, he’s a different person I meet up with in a deserted motel room. Sometimes he looks like someone else. Sometimes older, but mostly young. Staring at me fixed in that moment of his teenage beauty. A place where he would always reside. He will never age. *
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Roger Nupie atunis galaxy anthologie 2025
Roger Nupie - © foto: Ivo Herwijn