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Roger Nupie atunis
NOBODY KNOWS THE TROUBLE I’VE SEEN translation: John Irons I weep & moan, bend and stray, wear your slave fetters. Nobody knows my suffering, nobody knows my fate. You stole me from my country, took away my name. I’m like a motherless child, far from home. But one day the moon will change to blood, and this old world will reel. Hell is deep, hell is wide, but the waters will make way. It will rain 40 days & 40 nights. Slave drivers will row off into the wilds. Were they to try and swim, they would be swimming still. This world is not my home. I am alone and passing through. Let me kneel, break bread, my gaze flxed on the rising sun. My name has been called. My house is on the other side.
Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2020 is a 328 pages anthology of contemporary world poetry. Editor in Chief: Agron Shele. Demer Press, 2020. Roger Nupie is included with two poems: Free At Last & Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen. original Dutch Poems
FREE AT LAST translation: John Irons One bright morning I get wings, a crown with stars, a golden harp and sail through the sky on my way to the promised land. I follow the star till I reach the valley where my soul finds rest. Swiftly an end comes to the tribulations of this world. I was blind but now I see. Grace, how sweet your sound that saved a wretch such as I. I am immediately released from all pain. Not everyone who speaks of it shall complete the journey. Hear their voice: Should you reach your destination before me, tell my friends that I am coming. I reach the far side. My soul has slipped away from you. I write my name in blood in the book of life. Good news: No more shall I die. I let the light shine over the world.