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Roger Nupie one plus one
Anniversary collection of poets who have published poetry (their own volume, or have participated in several anthologies) at Demer Press, Belgium. Chahra Beloufa (Algeria), Floris Brown (South Africa), Miller Caldwell (Scotland), Gary Clark (England), Thierry Deleu (Belgium), Paul Gellings (The Netherlands), Albert Hagenaars (The Netherlands), Joris Iven (Belgium), Moshé Liba (Israel/The Netherlands), Roger Nupie (Belgium), Willem M. Roggeman (Belgium), Hannie Rouweler (The Netherlands/Belgium), Stella Evelyne Tesha (Tanzania/The Netherlands), Marion de Vos (The Netherlands/U.S.A.). Includes two Roger Nupie poems: Killing us & The female bather. Demer Press, 2012
KILLING US translation: John Irons A postcard: palm trees, bright-coloured houses, sun & sea. On the back: my father has received the last rites and we are just waiting for his final moment/breath. The waiting is killing us. An e-mail: father has departed this life. After a protracted illness he passed away yesterday at the nursing home. He will be interred around next Saturday, etc. I only knew him from a photo with your mother where I tried to recognize your features in him. We had him framed in a shop where we got a discount. When you returned to the land of your birth I got completely stoned. Now language leaves me in the lurch. Where are you, comforting word?